[solved] Mounted Filesystem to Music does not show files in the OC Webinterface (LXC)


i'am running OC on Proxmox in an LXC container (Ubuntu 16.04). I have mounted an folder from the local Filesystem from Proxmox to the LXC container. Directly in .../files/Musik
The mount is working and the files in there are accessable, but only on CMD. In the Webinterface there are nothing.

It is the same when i create an folder in "files" local manualy. I can't see the folder in the Webinterface. But when i create the folder directly with the webinterface, then this folder is visible.

So what is to do that i see the files from the mounted filesystem?

OC Version: 9.1.1

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please see:

Ah ok, nice. Thanks for the information. I test this with the plugin.

Eeasy use with "local" :slight_smile: But the option "every time the filesystem is used" is not there. Is there an workaround? I must click every folder manualy that music can scaned.
Does this work for my setup:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all


this question is answered in the FAQ above which links to:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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