Solved - WIN 10 Desktop client 2.5.1 (build 10807)

SOLVED AFTER 2 REBOOT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Sorry for rhe disagreement …

This mornig my windows client has been updated.
Since, all the icons (Folders and Documents) of synced folders or docs were changed with new icons.

Expected behaviour

instead of the old ones with a little “icon” in a corner indicating the “owncloud” state of the documents (synced, synking, not synced)

Actual behaviour

All icons are looking the same folders or docs …
Here is a sample :


It’s absolutely not usable !
I thought a moment and it seems that instead of having a small icon in the right bottom, the “owncloud” icon is full sized and mask the original icon (kind of doc or folder)

Steps to reproduce


Server configuration

ownCloud version:10.0.10

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.1 build 10807

Operating system:Windows 10

OS language: French

Installation path of client:

I’ll mark this as solved, I just saw the comment above: