Start owncloud session through Powershell script

Good afternoon,
I´ve an Owncloud client installed on a Windows Server virtual machine.
I´ve developed a Powershell script to download a picture from an URL and save it on the local folder of the Owncloud client, on my Windows machine. Then, when I start session on my Owncloud server account through the Owncloud client, the picture is uploaded.
The problem is that I need to do it once a day with the Windows user session closed. So I need that my Powershell script, which is executed by the SYSTEM windows account once a day using the task scheduler, to be able to start the Owncloud client and start session to upload the picture to Owncloud server.
Is that possible? How can i do it? Is there a manual with the parameters that I can use to start session automatically?
Thank you,

Sound more like a use case for owncloudcmd:


Thank you very much!!

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