Stop / start syncing via API/CLI

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we do run VBA macros and have conflicts because owncloud and the macro are accessing files at the same time. We can pause owncloud while acting manualy but better would be an automatic stop when the macros start and reacitivating at the end. We do this with different apps but don’t know wether it works with owncloud as well.

Is there any way to do this, i.e. have a codeline within the macro which stops owncloud syncing when the macro starts and start syncing when the macro is ready (as a last codeline within the macro)?


Desktop client doesn’t sync locked files. You’ll see this when Office files are open. Maybe let your VBA macro lock the file to prevent the desktop sync client from accessing it.

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The only way I know is to set a closed file to read only which I think won’t help in that case.

What happens: The macro is closing a file and should open it immediatley afterwards. At the same time Owncloud seems to realize that the file was just closed and try to sync it. And there is the conflict (i) excel via VBA tries to access the file for opening and (ii) owncloud tries to access it at the same time to synchronize it.

That’s why I’m looking for a way to prevent owncloud syncing till the macro is ready with close, reopen, close etc… Any further idea?

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