Structure in shared folders


So I created a shared folder with several shared folders in it. The problem is, that this structure is not shown to those that can see the shared folder. For example:

Main Folder -> Subfolder 1
-> Subfolder 2 ->SubSubfolder1

So the User sees:
Main Folder
Subfolder 1
Subfolder 2
SubSubfolder 1

Is there a way to keep the original structure? So that the user has to click on the first shared folder and then sees the remaining folder/s in it? Otherwise it gets so cluttered. Since we share about 50 folder with Subfolders in our enviroment...


Whenever you share a folder or file it will land at the sharee in his root folder for shares. The sharee can remove it or move it anywhere from there. Thats by design. There is a private link to minimize confusion, thats the one which always should be used if you want to chat/talk with somebody about a specific folder or file.

If you want it with subfolders, you need to share the highest folder ...


thanks for the reply! It works the way I intended if I just share the top folder, then the subfolders do not show up but are also shared! Thanks for your help pointing me in the right direction!