Stupid question - how do I submit data in the personal/admin dialogues?



When i write my email address in the "Personal" page, it seems to be ignored. I.E. it is blank when i return to that page.

Same with the "local" storage types in the admin page. I am updating local storage info, but when I return to that page, the info is resseted and old info appears again in the same box.

I wonder if there is some "submit" button that is being hidden by the ajax search-while-you-write behaviour.

If there is a "submit" button somewhere, please tell me where is it.

PHP version: 5.4 -tried with 7.0 but it gets worse.
ownCloud version 9.1.3:
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: updated.
Special configuration (external local storage but not working)

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

(The log keeps talking about a failed stat for same path, despite of me changing the path once and again).

Integrity status for oC9+
"No errors have been found."


Most likely caused by some strange webserver configuration on your shared hoster side. Such setups are known to e.g. block HTTP Verbs and similar which are needed for this operation.


It seems you are righ. From /settings/routes.php

['name' => 'Users#setDisplayName', 'url' => '/settings/users/{username}/displayName', 'verb' => 'POST'],
['name' => 'Users#setMailAddress', 'url' => '/settings/users/{id}/mailAddress', 'verb' => 'PUT'],

It seems email uses PUT and displayName uses POST. displayName works, so my server lacks PUT (web-browser level debug show a 405 error when trying to send email address. I forgot to try to use browser debugger).

Before this, I thought PUT was used for files only, but after seeing this I read PUT is also used for unique values. Is that the reason of Owncloud using "PUT"?

Thanks for all your patience, kljhlkhglklfgh.