Suggestion: two different menu items for "public link", one with edit permissions, one without

This is a suggestion to improve the desktop client.

When I right-click on a folder that is under owncloud’s control,
I get a context menu with several items, one of which says “Copy public link to clipboard”.

I suggest to rename that into “Copy public link (no edit permissions) to clipboard”.
I also propose to create another menu items
“Copy public link (with edit permissions) to clipboard”.

What happens often is that I have shared a folder with a group of people for a project, where everybody should have edit and upload permissions, and everything.
However, a few months later, I need to send that link out again, for instance, when new people Joni the project, or somebody forgot the link.
Right-clicking on the folder would be the easiest way, but I get a new link every time that does not allow people to upload/edit, which is a bummer.

Of course, I know how to get the old link with edit permissions, but that makes me jump through way too many hoops, IMHO.

Client configuration

Client version: 2.8.2 (4246)
Operating system: macOS 11 (Big Sur)
OS language: english

Default edit permission are controlled be the server default sharing settings, not by the client.

This is intended behaviour to not recycle previously generated links. Wording in next 2.9 version is more clear about it.

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I thought so.

So, to resolve that one could go for three menu items:

  • “Copy public link to clipboard (default permissions)”
  • “Copy public link to clipboard (no edit permissions) ”
  • “Copy public link to clipboard (with edit permissions) ”

I know, but that was not the point.
The point was that it is easy to forget that you get a link without edit permissions.

You only get links without edit permissions by default, because the admin of your server instance configured it that way. Change it in the server admin settings, and you’ll get links with edit permissions by default.

There are too many options (also expiration date, password protection etc) related to public share links, and we won’t add entries in the right-click menu for all of them or for combinations between them, to make that a general feature. Won’t happen in the near future, sorry.

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I know. But that is not the point of my suggestion.

The admin won’t do that. And there are good reasons for that.

I can understand that.

I still suggest to do what is called user-centric design.
In this case: ask the users what is there most frequently used options when sharing links, and then use the top 2-3 sets of options.


from what i know / have read in the past such feature requests could be posted at Issues · owncloud/client · GitHub

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