Sync-Client connects only sporadically




i run a owncloud client 2.2.2 on ubuntu 14.04.
The Server runs owncloud 9.1.0

On my local client, I get a "no connection, timout"-message.

Two things could be connected with the problem:
- login with ssh on the owncloud-server is very slow due to unknown reasons
- the certificate of the server is not registered. In firefox I have to add it manually to a list of allowed certificates

Over years this owncloud-setup was stable, using 8.0.3 on the Server, and pre-2.0 as local client.

Any suggestions?



this might be the first starting point to debug this issue. If the SSH connection itself is quite slow you might also get timeouts via HTTP/HTTPS,


But calling the page directy in the browser is quick enough. it loads in around 5 seconds, including authentication.
ssh needs about two minutes to connect, but behaves normal afterwards.


have you checked the load of your server?

i use a pretty cool tool called "glances".

to install:
apt-get install glances

to run: