Sync conflicts on wrappers/packages on Mac clients

Steps to reproduce
1. Create a document on a Mac client that is stored in a wrapper/package (which actually is a folder) - e.g. in TextEdit create a formatted text with images (file format rtfd).
2. Sync it
3. Make different changes on two Mac clients while offline -> sync conflict

Expected behaviour
There should be two documents, meaning two version of the whole wrapper.

Actual behaviour
Inside the wrapper (folder) only some specific files are duplicated as a result of the conflict. The users on both clients do not even recognize a conflict, as they normally do not see the contents of the wrapper. The conflict files are ignored by the application editing the document as they are not considered part of the document structure.

Only if you look inside a wrapper (which on the Mac can only be done via a not well known context menu command or command line) the conflict files are revealed.

A user has no way if resolving the conflict as he/she cannot know which files in the wrapper to combine to get a working version of the document.


i don't think that this can be solved in here. If you think the client should detect something like this "wrapper" create a new bug at:

Thank you - just did.
Unfortunately wrapper type documents are quite frequent on Macs and conflicts are impossible to resolve currently - which sadly makes ownCloud problematic to use an Macs also on the client side :frowning:

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Thanks for creating the issue there. Here the reference: