Synching preferences always modified :(

I regulary get the same issue : the folders I selected to be synchronized are arbitrarily changed. Some folders that I would like to erase re-appear frequently (even if I tried to erase it from all known places…) and some that would like to keep synched are un-ticked…
How to keep my preferences un-changed once and for all ??

Are you talking about the selected folder options? Which client version are you running? What activity is happening with such folders?

Yes, indeed I first tried to erase some folders from the root but it seems impossible... I erased them from local folders on my PC, in the online version of OC and on the save servers... But they seem to be saved elsewhere... So they re-appear frequently...
So I tried to bypass this problem by selecting the folders to sync (see pic below)... It generally works for a few days then sometimes the folders selected are changed by the program : some unchecked are checked and vice versa...

I'm using Version 2.3.4 (build 8624)

This is a local database file in your folder where the folder selection is saved. I can't see how it could accidently change to be honest.
Why are some red?
What can happen is that they reappear if they are shared again server side.

Otherwise we would need a reproducable setup with logfiles from your side.

I guess because they're considered as "too big" (even if I'm only using 7Go on the 40Go accessible...)... That could be why they're frequently unchecked...

I guess you're right but I don't know where is this server...

How do I do that ?

Recommend to accept or decline the red once then, there is a dialog in the client about that.
Otherwise yes, this will have interesting implications if you click the red once for the selection.

"don't know where is this server"
I don't get that one. If you don't control the server you can still see in the activities if anything is happening with those shares.

I would resolve the red issues and then likely everything is nice.

I guess that once in a while there's an automatic check that verify the size of the folders ; those that are considered as "too big" are marked as red and unchecked (even if I'm far away from the total size limit (7.1Go / 40Go) ) and all the others are checked (even if I unchecked them before...). So I guess I should look for a hidden preference in the settings that changes my preferences...

I'll wait for the next time my preferences are changed to see precisely if there's a pattern...


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