Synchronization problem with macOS client: sometimes client does not re-connect

Dear ownCloud experts,

In my institute, we are running an instance of ownCloud that serves several users and has proved to be quite stable in the past.
Recently, some of our users are experiencing some synchronization issues when using the macOS client for ownCloud: the client seems to randomly disconnect from the server, sometimes without being able to reconnect to it any more.
The error message shown by the client points towards a “connection timed out”, suggesting that the client could not establish a TCP connection to the server, but, in some cases, the connection is not re-established automatically after some time.
Unfortunately, the logs both on the server side and on the client side do not show any particular error that can be associated with the failed re-connection, so debugging the issue is a little bit tricky.
Our ownCloud server is running OC 10.8.0, while all the macOS users are running a recent version of the ownCloud client (at the most one or two minor versions behind the latest release).
The only common aspect seems to be that all mac users experiencing the issue are running macOS Monterey.

We cannot completely exclude the lost connection may be a network issue on our (or likely our users’) side, but, since both our ownCloud and network logs are not pointing to any specific error and this issue seems to affect only mac users, I wanted to ask if you are aware of any known issue with the mac client (or maybe the interaction between a client version and our specific ownCloud version) that may explain this behavior.
In particular, even in case of a lost connection, we were expecting the client to try again after some time and re-connect to the server (as it happens for the Linux and Windows clients), but, for some unknown (to us) reasons, it looks like for some mac users this is not the case.

Thank you very much for any insight you can provide on this issue.
Best wishes,


Expected behaviour

Client should re-connect to the server automatically after a “connection timed out”

Actual behaviour

macOS client seems to not always being able to reconnect to the server

Steps to reproduce

This error seems to randomly happen to some of our mac users (and only to mac users)

Server configuration

Operating system: Linux

Web server: nginx

Database: mariadb

PHP version: 7.4

ownCloud version: 10.8.0

Client configuration

Client version: ~2.10

Operating system: macOS Monterey

OS language: German

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