Synchronize Large Files

Good morning everyone

I'm new to the forum.

I live in Brazil in a city in the interior, where internet links are still very precarious. That is, I have some clients that need to synchronize large files, with 2 gigabytes, with the precariousness of the internet link, this sending by the owncloud client fails.

Is there a setting for the upload to continue from where it left off?

Example: You sent 1 gigabyte of a 2 gigabyte file to my server (and the internet dropped) when the internet link normalizes, the syndication starts sending from 1 gigabyte. Do not start from 0 again.

Normally, I thought the client would support this already. However there is a open bugreport:

The bug linked above is about the discovery phase of the sync, which checks for changes on both the local and the remote repository.

This report however talks about the file up- and download, which indeed should already continue at a reasonable level after it was interrupted. If not, that would be a regression and worth a bug report on github.

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