The Installation Wizard error

After installing owncloud and try to start the install wizard my browser only displays index.php as a text file. BTW I'm very new to the Linux world. I think my problem is something to do with apache not seeing the page. But IDK thanks for the help in advance.


you are probably missing the php modules that owncloud needs.

here is a good guide:

I got it working, thanks for the help BTW. What I found that wasn't working.
Prerequisites: most of the things I needed were there however anything after Digest Framework on the list of prerequisites needed to be installed. But then it still didn't work.
I needed to run the install wizard from the comand line and it opened fine.

so what exactly were you missing?

a bunch of the modules, but then i could only start the install wizard from the command line. but now i still can't connect from other pc's on my network or outside the network.

What error message are you getting?