This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 7.3

So… how do I deal with this?

“This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 7.3
You are currently running PHP 7.3.0.”


i’m running ownCloud 10.0.10 on a PHP 7.2 setup so i think you need to deal with this by using PHP 7.2 or below together with ownCloud.

Vacman, I encountered the same issue while running Debian Testing (which is already using PHP7.3). Reverting to PHP 7.2 is a PITA, with all kinds of broken dependencies.

One can still access the owncloud server via the file browser or phone app. Only the website does not work. So I decided to wait till owncloud supports PHP7.3. Just the risk of running a testing distro that one runs into every now and then.

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Same issue for me, having just upgraded to PHP 7.3 with no feasible option for downgrading. When will OC support this version of PHP?

Hi there,

The solution is simple, I have use it already with an older version of owncloud, as it was not working with PHP version 7.2.
You can install several versions of PHP and still use them with different webpages.

Just follow the links below and dig some more with google:

that idea is to install the PHP version that works with your owncloud and PHP-FPM for each PHP version, then you should change the .htaccess file of your owncloud by adding :
SetHandler "proxy:unix:/var/run/php/php7.2-fpm.sock|fcgi://localhost/
in the section , as I remember.

This way you can still use your current owncloud version with the old PHP version, without having to upgrade your owncloud.

The owncloud upgrade method I find it complicated and not really smooth, as until now I didn’t manage to upgrade without re-upload.


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What do you mean with “upgrade without re-upload”?
Thanks for the hints on the PHP part, this is very helpful for some I think.
We are working on PHP 7.3 enablement, but QA and some changes in the our QA system are ongoing for that. PHP is such an essential dependency, please always check the PHP support first.

by “upgrade without re-upload” I mean I was not able to upgrade from version 9 to 10 without having to re-upload all the files again, as it was a new install.
I’m not saying that the upgrade is not working, I was not able to upgrade it.

The PHP was at least helpful for me, as I upgraded my Ubuntu server from 16 to 18 and PHP7.2 came with it. It took me a couple of days to reach that result and it was working.

Thanks for your feedback. When you do it next like from 10.1 to 10.2 or so and follow the instructions I would certainly love to understand where/if things don’t work as they should.

We do upgrades for ourselves and many customers very reliable in the meantime but of course shell access is needed as updates through the web aren’t reliable.

6 months on and it’s still happening with no comment on here from OC. I’m wondering if OwnCloud is actively supported.

Well yeah it is supported…But all depends on type of issues…I hope it helps.

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That’s a comment from OC 3 mounth ago.
I can tell you how to bypass some checks, but then don’t expect support from OC when things break for using an not officially supported version.

Noone wants to have a broken instance of ownCloud, and since this is mainly ownCloud’s responsability, it’s ownCloud the one ensuring that it works without mayor problems with PHP 7.3
As stated, there have been delays with the PHP 7.3 support for several reasons. It sounds more reasonable to have an stable product and then enabling php 7.3 with confidence than just enabling the support on a messy product to increase the mess.

If you’re interested, you can check the versions released during that timeframe and the changelog of the releases.


you can also find more information here:

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i just have seen the following comment in

owncloud 10.3 will support php 7.3

After the final rollout of Debian Buster (10.0) as Debian stable and the dependency on PHP 7.3 Owncloud does not work any longer on my Server.
Are there any release plans when Owncloud 10.3 - which seems to support PHP 7.3 - will be available?


it’s not always right on time but there you go.


Thanks @cs35 Haven’t seen that yet. Sorry

It actually works fine - but you do have to edit index.php and console.php to just comment out the version check, I’m running it on a pi 4 with an Arm processor using PHP 7.3 … I got the same error and just removed the check…

I’m not recommending it being the way to go… but it works for me :slight_smile:

I do get a warning about code integrity … but I would expect that, and I wouldn’t keep it modified. I would only modify it until support is official

Can you elaborate on what you commented out? I’m trying to get my pi server running and I commented out the 4 or so lines for the 7.3 check but it’s still giving me issues.


it should be released soon (yeah it was for august, but I think it will come soon) so I wouldn’t go down the road of modifications.

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Is there a workable solution to continue using php 7.2 while owncloud is warning me that I use php 7.3. The foregoing discussion is beyond my simple comprehension. :wink: