Timestamp based restore

Is it possible to get a copy / restore a complete folder tree based on a timestamp?

The idea is that if your data ever gets hijacked (which you hear a lot about lately), all files are encrypted and thus get a new version. It will be very cumbersome to manually reset all to a previous version, so a restore based a on timestamp would be a tremendous time saver.

Of course this should not happen in the first place, neither should hard drive crashes, but things happen. Planning for the worst.

Even if I see the requirement, I’d never rely on such a “restore” solution within ownCloud. I’d rather see a combination of something like rsnapshot and sqldump on a regular basis.

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Depends on how you use owncloud; in my setup it is the backup. A continuous file level backup, just like Carbonite for example. The originals are on my HD. And if so, then I need to be able to restore from it.

Like Dropbox rewind (https://help.dropbox.com/files-folders/restore-delete/rewind). It ain’t a crazy idea.

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