Total server file limit?

A simple question. Is there a way to configure ownCloud so that the entire server can only take up a fixed amount of storage?

I can limit individual users to allow them only 1GB of space, but how do I ensure that 100 users can only take up 10GB of space?

I want to ensure that there's a certain amount of freedom on the server without worrying that the drive will fill up.

The best solution I can come up with is to create a server partition exclusively for ownCloud usage - that doesn't seem very reconfigurable though.

Logical Volume Manager let you handle a number of partitions and also to resize them. It's also nice for backups because you can take a snapshot of the file system during the backup process runs.

If it is only about the total file size or number of files, you can use system quotas.

It is just about total file size. A system quota would be good.

I'm not exactly getting your meaning though: Operating system quotas, or ownCloud system quotas? If ownCloud has a system quota I can't seem to find it.


there is no system quota in ownCloud. Stuff like this needs to be handled on operating system level like explained by tflidd.