TOTP Failing - OC 10.4.1 - VirtBox UCS v4.4-6

Appliance shows PHP v 7.0.33-0+deb9u10 (PHP -V)
2FA TOTP shows minimum PHP required as MIN 7.1 | Max 7.4

Question: Does Appliance need PHP updated, can it be done manually without breaking next appliance update? Or does TOTP need to be updated to allow 7.0.x still until the appliance PHP is updated?

The TOTP app installs but when going to Security -> Mark checkbox for “Activate TOTP” -> and scanning QR code, the resulting code and typing in the box, clicking Verify produces a red box saying “Not Verified”.

This may not be PHP related but it is happening on a freshly downloaded and installed (and updated) OC Appliance as well.

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It’s not possible to upgrade PHP inside appliance, as the application is packaged and shipped with all dependencies in a docker container. @voroyam can you confirm the current version of PHP in the appliance?

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Yes, php 7.0.3.

With oC 10.6.0 around the corner there will be a 10.6.0 release.

We will probably switch to ubuntu 20.04 and php 7.4. I would wait for this.


My apologies, I didn’t receive a notice of reply. Thank you @dmitry for stepping up and answering @eneubauer .

It is what i thought that it wouldn’t be able to be independently updated.

To confirm, the TOTP issue should be resolved once the new appliance contains the 7.4? I’m ok with this, just using Backup Codes for the moment and just verifying we didn’t wonk up the system somehow.

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Yes I pretty sure with the next release of the ownCloud appliance app this should be resolved. However this can still take a little while.

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Well what a journey. OC quit on me (thank you for having backups). Couldn’t upgrade because OC wouldn’t run… long story short, fresh install to 10.6. Sad to see php ver 7.0.33 still and TOTP still failing.

I know it is a lot of work and it is much appreciated. Any idea of where we are on the PHP update?

I should clarify, UCS was ‘working’ but not much of anything else. Fresh install of appliance in VBox, upgraded OC to 10.6.0, fixed file permissions, expanded .vdi, etc.


Could you describe in more detail what the issue is?

ownCloud, when used in the Appliance should not be upgraded, a new app version should be used to upgrade on the next version. The appliance itself is a more automated version of ownCloud wehre one thing depends on the other, making it easier to use ownCloud. If you are a more experienced user and want extra features then a dedicated server would be my recommendation.

As far as I know in the new version of the app, php 7.4 is installed with Ubuntu 20.04 and ownCloud 10.6.0.


Like I said, fresh installed Appliance - PHP reports 7.0.33. Can someone else confirm from a fresh install?