Tracking data accessed by other users

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is an app for which allows to track logins/read etc of documents stored on ownCloud. A customer of mine wants to know when/if others have read what he has posted in his account.

Thanks for all feedback.

For a full user this makes no sense, as the sync client does an automated "read".
We have a commercial solution from a partner for download triggers for public links which will also get into core sooner or later - again this has the challenge that the file might or might not have arrived at the user completely. In technical terms you can only measure the initiation of a download, not the completeness without a feedback channel.

Probably this would be doable by combining tags and File Firewall rules (EE feature) ?

Possible solution approach:

  • Files that require a confirmation after being read could be tagged with a 'confirmation' tag and a File Firewall rule could prevent access

  • To get access the user needs to remove the tag (might also work the other way round, -> add a tag) which works as confirmation.