Trashbin restore behavior



I am running a 9.0.1 owncloud server.

Recently something happens with one of my disks, and delete everything and not… all my data is messed up.

over 20k files in trash bin, for 2 years because apparently, owncloud server ignored the 30-day trashbin retention.

i would like to restore the whole trashbin (because this app does not know how to make a filter based on date, or other characteristics ; one by one or all)

My question is:
What will happen if I restore the whole trashbin? (with over 500GB)?

I noticed that i have multiple folders with multiple subfolder and files with the same name but date stamp different.

what will happen in this case? will be restored the latest version of the folder/file? will be restored but with timestamp in the filename? or will overwrite randomly?

Thanks in advance,



this looks quite outdated. I’m not sure if users in this forums knows how such older versions behave for your case, it could be even possible that the older 9.0 shows a completely different behavior then the current 10.0 versions most people are using.

In the worst case you probably need to setup a new 9.0.1 installation, fill it with the same data like you have in your current installation and check “live” how your version would behave.