Trashbin_retention_obligation doesn't work




I got an issue with the auto delet of the trash. I changed my config.php to the following:

'trashbin_retention_obligation' => '30, 31',

But it doesn't delete anything. I tested cron AJAX and webcron but neither of them worked at all the files are still in the trash.

Got someone an idea what I could try to fix this?




so you have waited for 32 days and the files are still there?


No I change it today but my trash contains files that are older than two months.
Is that a problem?


Maybe its also just a bug. Some environments are sometimes missing the cron entry in the database for unknown reasons:


okay Is there a way to fix it?


Maybe you read something out from the bugreport above. If its not working as expected you could also create a bugreport at:

and maybe a fix is provided there.