Two windows accounts, two Desktop clients, one shared folder for both

Hello, guys.

Could you possibly give me an advice?

This is my setup:

  • my Windows account, my ownCloud account, desktop client runs in my account
  • wife’s Windows account, her ownCloud account, desktop client runs in her account

So far, so good - each has it’s own Windows account, running a separate instance of ownCloud Desktop Client that syncs files for each.

But, then, we have some common files (family photos, music, common household documents etc.) that we’d like to have in a common place (e.g. on the D: partition). Since there is a lot of these (~500G), I would most certainly not want them replicated (e.g. having them in my ownCloud account and sharing them to my wife). Instead, I’d rather create a third, i.e. common ownCloud account and set up an additional connection in the Windows Desktop Client.

This is all fine but - can I safely add that common ownCloud account in both ownCloud Desktop Client instances (one running in my Windows account, the other in my wife’s) since they would be both pointing to the same local folder D:\ ? My concern is that something will get messed up because both ownCloud Desktop clients would monitor the same folder.

On the other hand, if I only add this common ownCloud account to e.g. my ownCloud Desktop Client, if my wife makes some change in the Common share, that would only get uploaded to my ownCloud server provided that my Windows account is loggged-in.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


Don’t do it. Share the common files, and sync them with both account. If you want to save some local storage, try the Virtual Files that are available in 2.6+ Win clients.

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