Type of instanace clustered vs single

Good morning, my question is related to a specific conf that i found in config.sample.php and specificaly
‘operation.mode’ => ‘single-instance’
What is the diff between this mode and
‘operation.mode’ => ‘clustered-instance’
I ask because my goal is to have two nodes of OC sharing an nfs storage and i want to know what could help me setting this option in config; i inital think that is related to for example the directory of apps-external that is filled by the apps that i install only in the node in use and missing in the other (if i have two nodes).
Thanks pointing me in the right direction.

I think all it does is disable the marketplace. As if you’d install through it, it would only get executed on the server currently handling your request.

That said, I would test if you could potentially make extra NFS shares for the owncloud folder and the config folder, so you don’t need to run through the extra hoops of keeping them in sync (through scripts, processes, …).

Finally make sure that you’re either using sticky sessions or Redis as a PHP session storage.

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Thanks eneubauer! I have redis installed also for php sessions storage. I 'll create another NFS share as you mentioned for config and apps-external.