Unable to upload document in owncloud 10.0.7



I have installed the latest version of ownCloud 10.0.7 on my server and facing a forbidden error while uploading any document or image.
Please Help Me with this Issue.

Thanks For Replying in Advance.



have you tried running this command?



yes i already ran that command like u said after the HTTPS but still facing the issue.
I have secured my domain with https: may that be causing the problem?



have you followed the documentation so far?



I followed the installation manual to download the ownCloud on my server.


Yes, but the link I put was to configure the ownCloud server. For example the Apache Server configuration.


Thanks @dmitry!!!
My problem got resolved. Your configuration link helped me to solve my issue.



Glad to help

The documentation is a great source if you need help :slight_smile: