Unifiy admin and personal settings onto one page?


So whilst refactoring the backend for how apps register settings panels (see https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/26449 for the juicy details), I considered whether we should unite both the users personal and admin settings onto one page to reduce the navigation slightly?

My proposal would be to have one settings item in the top right dropdown, which navigates to a page with both personal and (if admin,) admin settings sections listed on the left, under list dividers 'Personal' and 'Admin'. This moves us a step closer to loading the settings panels over ajax as well to help with avoiding full page reloads.


  • Unify the settings page
  • Keep the same
  • Something different!?


Votes are public.


I have some doubts, most because the Admin page is already too long. The problem I identified is very dangerous for user with touch devices (many modern Win Notebooks). Admins have to scroll a lot on the long page, and for example not only the checkboxes are sensitive to clicks, also the label text that is sometimes full width could be clicked by accident. I see the risk, that every scroll-swipe could result in a accidentally config-change.

With 9.2 we will split this up any how into individual pages for each section which is listed on the left

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Awesome news! (I changed my vote)