Unsharing not visible for sharer

Steps to reproduce

  1. User 1 share a folder to user 2.
  2. User 2 unshare the folder.
  3. Folder is still shared in user 1 but user 2 don´t see the shared folder.

Expected behaviour

If user 2 unshare the folder, user 1 should see the same action reflected.

Actual behaviour

Server configuration

Operating system:
3.16.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.57-2 (2018-07-14) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Web server:
Apache 2.4.10

MySQL 5.5.60

PHP version:
7.0.31 and 5.6.36

ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:

List of activated apps:
Activity, PDF viewer, text editor and default apps.

Are you using encryption: yes/no

Are you using an external user-backend, if yes which one: LDAP/ActiveDirectory/Webdav/…

Client configuration

Several, this is not related to browser issues.

Operating system:
Not relevant.

Master Key or User Key?

Updated from which version?

Why 2 Versions?

This is apparently intended behavior.

The reason for it -> you can restore that share if you change your mind later.

here is this feature in the release notes:


This improvement not only empowers users to accept rejected shares subsequently but also to restore shares that have been unshared before without requiring the owner to share it again.

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Interesting! A feature i didn’t recognize yet.

I have two servers with same Owncloud version but different PHP version, both updated from 10.0.8
User key.

Yeah, if you don’t read the release notes you ( and me ) are unaware of those features.

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That is the very old “it´s not a bug, it´s a feature” :smirk:

Sometimes you are working with people and when they unshare it means they finished their work, how can I see as owner that the other user unshare my share?
I will check the manual, I hope it helps.

I checked the feature and it´s a bug since I am not using the new workflow for shares. It should unshare when the other user unshare, so I consider it should be considered “bug” under my point of view.

It´s definitively a bug because using the new behavior you accept the share, you unshare and the use who shared you the folder still see it shared.

I confess, usually I don’t even skim the release notes.

In general I’m totally happy the with the oC-Features that I’m aware of and that I’m using.
However, maybe I should think about this practice in future. :wink:


Since it’s a change in 10.0.9 you can open a ticket on GitHub and hope that in 10.0.11 it gets reverted to the old behavior.

I am not opening any ticket, old behavior is precisely the default config now, and you can turn off the old behavior.

If unshare doesn´t work by he user who receives the share It´s a bug actually and probably it will be fixed.

I checked the database and when the share is unshared by the owner, the row is deleted, this is not happening anymore if the unshare is done by the use who receives the share.

What exactly is your issue here?

what do you mean by "you can turn off the old behavior?

No it’s a new feature. I have given you the link to the official release notes. New feature =/= new bug.

I have given you the options you have now, you can take them or don’t take them, it’s your choice in the end.

The issue is:
Owncloud 10.0.8
User share folder to another user, that user receives the share and when unshare the folder, the folder is unshared.

Owncloud 10.0.9 (with classic behavior)
User share folder to another user, that user receives the share and when unshare the folder, the folder is NOT unshared (checked in database).

This is a feature of 10.0.9.

OMG!! :smiley:

Please, just wait to another users confirming this issue.

If another user unshared your share and you still see the folder shared with that user, is it a feature?
I think I am not explaining the issue correctly, but please, do a try and share a folder with another user, unshare with the other user an take a look.

Yes, pending shares is new in 10.0.9, AFICS.

  • The other user didn’t unshare, he just declined the offered share.
  • The offered share remains, with the ability to accept the share later.
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But if I keep the the “Automatically accept new incoming local user shares” is worth to unshare again the unsharing?
I see no option to keep the old workflow which was more useful for my users.

Thanks for participating and discovering this issue. Let me rephrase the issue you do observe:
The sharer = user1 is not anymore informed about an unshare by the sharee = user2.

This is due to the new pending share feature, or on this case rejected share feature. User2 can, at any time get this share back, under “your shares” he sees the status. @dmitry is correct in this.

This new feature is always active, the settings switch is only for the question if shares are accepted or pending by default.

Hope this makes sense. If so and if this behaviour is not to your liking (as it sounds), please open a feature request in github. It sounds like you are asking to represent the sharing state for the sharer = user1 which is different from incorporating the old behaviour and is not a bug, but something we should look into and maybe program in one of the next minor versions to complete this change. States possible are now: pending, accepted, rejected in the reject case the sharee = user2 can always get the share back, thats why we thought an information change for user1 is not required. Maybe this should also be shown in the activity stream, all up for the feature discussion, please post the link here when you open it.

Thanks hodyroff

I think user1 should be at least informed or we should add a new sharing option like “Automatically accept incoming local user unshares” just to get the old workflow.