Update Sync-Client creates OwnCloud2 Folder



i got an issue with updating the OwnCloud Desktop Client.
We use a softwaredeployment system to install new versions of the client.

the deployment looks like this:
step 1. uninstall of the old OC Client.
step 2. copy new binaries to client
step 3. install via cmd “ownCloud-” /S
step 4. client reboot

the installation of the client is always successful and there is no issue.

the problem:
after a successful update to a new version the ownCloud user settings are broken.
Users are getting the first start wizard and the Desktop Client creates a new OwnCloud folder called “OwnCloud2”. (the old ownCloud folder is still in the user directory)

this problem is very sporadic and occurs only 1 out of 10 clients.

im pretty sure the problem has nothing to do with the client build because we have this problem since day 1.

operating system: Win10-x64 1703 / 1803, Win7-x64

i hope someone has any helpful pointers because im kinda out of ideas


please use 2.5.1 MSI installer instead