Update The Redis Server?


Hi all,

I have a mature OC10.0.8 Installation running on the following server:

Ubuntu 16
Redis 3

Wondering how to update the Redis Server without breaking anything.




i wonder why you want to update your redis server? I’m also not sure how much relevance this has to ownCloud.


Hi Again Tom,

Apologies, Looks like Redis does not have have a community forums to sign up to. And the only reason I have Redis is because of the OC installation

Just wondering if it actually does need to be updated, for security purposes. My Installation of Redis doe not face the internet, it is a Localhost only



as long as you’re keeping your Ubuntu 16.04 up2date (AFAIK it is getting security updates until April 2021) there is no real reason why you should update the redis server.


Great, Thank you Tom42

I won’t worry about it then