Upgrade from 8.2.0 oC

Hi friends,
I would like to know to what version should I migrate to update a version 8.2.0.
The latest stable version is it fine?

And possibly, because it is on a shared hosting, can I use the php script (https://download.owncloud.com/download/community/setup-owncloud.php) and follow the signs to upgrade?

many many tanks!

You can just update to the latest 8.2.x-version:

It reaches end of life soon (May 2017), so you should perhaps plan an upgrade to OC 9.0

The installer script can't be used, the updater app is not very reliable, a bit more work but better result are obtained with a manual update (please backup all data and database before):

  • delete everything except for the data/ and config/ folder
  • extract the new code onto your webserver
  • run the upgrade (open owncloud in your webbrowser, or if you have terminal access use the occ-command as advised in the manual)



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Thank tflidd, I've treasured your advice! Very precise!