Upgrade from version 5


I still have a version 5 instance running and wanted to upgrade, but where have the related documents been moved to?
I did this operation on another instance during last summer, but the URL is no longer valid :frowning:


Any change to keep the content of my actual database (mysql) within the new version?


the upgrading documentation is available here:


Depending on the amount of your users and files i wouldn't risk to upgrade such an outdated version. Mostly its easier, safer and faster to backup your data on client side, install a fresh oC 9.1.3 instance and re-import your data from client side (after you have recreated your user).

The main issue is that you would need to do a upgrade over 7 major releases step by step:

latest 5.0.x -> 6.0.x -> 7.0.x -> 8.0.x -> 8.1.x -> 8.2.x -> 9.0.x -> 9.1.x

As you might guess this is a lot of effort and no one can guarantee that this is working at all.