UPGRADE PATH: 8.2.11 to Current?

I am running version 8.2.11 with a MySQL database on a Linux 14.04 LTS Server.

Is there a specific path I should follow to upgrade to the current version? I've been burned by skipping a release in the past and DESPERATELY wish to avoid this.

Thanks for the guidance!

You go to the latest release of your version (which is currently 8.2.11) and then you upgrade to the next latest release of the next major release (here: 9.0): https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest9.0

and then you go to 9.1: https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest9.1

I wouldn't recommend to go to oC 10 now, there is a minor release soon, wait for that and see if there are still problems. 9.1 is still supported for some time, there is no problem to wait with the upgrade unless you really need the new features.

Don't forget to make a backup before, there is no way to downgrade to a previous version.

Side-note to this:

Starting with 10.0.0 it seems to be possible to jump over major releases and in the near future it will be possible to e.g. jump from 9.0.9 to 10.0.0: