Upgrade using debian repository

Hi all, I have owncloud 8.2.0 installed on a debian jessie.
If I run apt-get dist-upgrade (or aptitude safe-upgrade), owncloud will get updated but I'm almost sure it will not deal well with major releses jump.
Am I right?
To upgrado from 8.2.0 to 9.1.3 the database should upgrade step by step:
* 8.2.0 -> 8.2.9
* 8.2.9 -> 9.0.7
* 9.07 -> 9.1.3
How to deal with that?

Thank you


as you have assumed its not possible to jump from 8.2.0 directly to 9.1.3. You need to do the upgrade step by step which is thoroughly explained here:


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Thank you for your reply.
There's one thing I don't understand in the guide:
* 1 Add the repository of your current version
* 4 Add the repository of the next major release
There's only 1 repository for debian jessie.
There isn't 1 repository for each major release.

Scroll down to the "You’ll find repositories of previous ownCloud major releases in the ownCloud Server Changelog." on that documentation page giving you the link the changelog where repositories for previous releases of ownCloud are available

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Sorry, I misses the last part of the guide :slight_smile:
I'm going to use the production repositories and follow the procedure.
I'll report back in case of problems.
Thank you!

If you see improvements or have feedback to the documentation then i think the guys writing the documentation are happy about user feedback at: