Upgrade using the repository doesn’t check for PHP compatibility

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Don’t use the package manager for upgrades, this is why.
There are many problems with upgrading this way. Especially when upgrading, without reading the release notes.
The documentation states that you should only use it for initial installation and afterwards, you can basically remove it again. https://doc.owncloud.com/server/admin_manual/installation/linux_installation.html

Don’t know if https://deb.sury.org/ also makes builds for arm, but you could give it a try and just install PHP 7.3, the currently recommended version.


Thank you for replying.

You are right. The documentation states you shouldn’t use the package manager for upgrading and I didn’t read that before. I’ll try upgrading to PHP 7.3 using the sury repository. (Edit: It worked. I’m running PHP 7.3 now and removing the owncloud repository.)

However, I have to say, it it sad, the owncloud repository isn’t suitable for keeping the installation up to date. One thing (maybe the most important thing) I like about Linux is the strong package management and how it makes being up to date easy. If you could somehow manage to improve the repository handling in the future, I would really appreciate.


i think the same suggestion given in the topic below could be valid here as well: