Upgrading Address Books from Owncloud 9.0 to 9.1

Hello. I am using Owncloud 9.0.x and wish to upgrade to Owncloud 9.1.x. I notice on the 9.1.x release notes that:-

"Removed dav:migrate-calendars and dav:migrate-addressbooks commands for occ. Users planning to upgrade from oC 9.0 or below to oC 9.1 needs to make sure that their Calendars and Adressbooks are correctly migrated before continuing to upgrade to 9.1."

I use the address books feature of 9.0.x. How do I upgrade to Owncloud 9.1.x and keep my address books please?

If everything is working in oC 9.0.x concerning address books there is nothing what you need to do as this feature will continue to also work in 9.1.x. There is no migration needed between 9.0.x and 9.1.x, only between 8.2.x (and below) and 9.0.x which probably already succeeded on your environment.

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Thankyou very much will give it a try.

Contacts has become a separate and I think experimental app now. I went into app management and enabled it but I couldn't see any of my existing contacts. I think I'll be sticking to owncloud 8.2.x until I can see some proper documentation on how to upgrade my 8.2.x contacts to the new app.