Upgrading from 9.1.0 to latest 10.0.8

I have an ownCloud installation (ownCloud 9.1.0 stable) running on a Ubuntu VM. Its been working great. I have never done an update to an ownCloud installation. What the best and or easiest way to accomplish this?

The installation is running via HTTP. Is configuring it to run via HTTPS difficult? I have read about ownCloud and HTTPS configuration in the past but I havent tried it. Is it a pain to run it via HTTPS (because of the security certificate)?

Personally i had the best update experience when following the steps provided in the following documentation:


Maybe its required that you have SSH access to the server to continue or fix some things.

Concerning HTTPS this is not configured in ownCloud but within your web server so i think it might be possible that you need to read some tutorials covering your used Linux and web server to configure this.