Upgrading to 9.1 impossible with weird error message

I wanted to upgrade to the latest release. Just saw that there is a 9.1 relase availabe.

I was still on 8 and owncloud admin center notified me about an update. I think it was the latest one for 8.x the 8.2.7
So I did that.

After that I downloaded the 9.0.4 release which is in the changelog the next one in order to my current release.

Uploaded the files freshly and deleted the old ownlcoud installation after backup. So I have only the new files and nothing from an previous installation.
reuploaded the config folder. My data folder is in an external directory, so I didnt messed with it.

Opened the url to my site and started the upgrade process....

everything worked fine. Now I was hoping to upgrade to 9.1 via the internatl updater app, but the app told me I have the latest version.

So I decided to redo above procedure and upload the 9.1 files.

When I now try to do the upgrade by opening the url of my owncloud it always tells me:

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

But I checked the changelog, there is no other version. just 9.0.4 and then 9.1 and every time i reupload the 9.1 files and uploading my config folder it tells me the same thing.

Whats wrong?


this message shows whats currently wrong:

could you post the following from your config.php:

'version' =>

as well as the content of the version.php

hey, that did the trick. I had to change the version number in the config file. It was still the old one. Thanks a lot


i don't think that you should do that manually. If the version number in the config file wasn't changed the update from 8.2 to 9.0 wasn't successful.