Upload File to OwnCloud

Hello Community,

I have a question. How can i upload Files from Talend to OwnCloud.

Actually i put the files manually ( see the screen shoot below).

Indeed, I access OWNCLOUD via a URL, I connect and I deposit the files in a folder. But I want to automate this via talend.

Thank you in advance

What is that? Can you post some links to docs/info/…

Talend is an ETL based on java code. Link for doc : https://www.edureka.co/blog/what-is-talend-tool/ .

If Talend offers some kind of scripting, you could build something using cURL. There are loads of topics about this in the forum already, just use the search function or a web search.

Additionally have a look at the following documentation page.

Let us know how it goes :wink:

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