Uploadlimit owncloud

centos 7.6 64bit
php 7.2.13
apache 2.4.6

i am still confused, where i configure the uploadlimit…
i have in /var/www/html/owncloud/.htaccess:

upload_max_filesize = 513M
post_max_size = 513M

in .user.ini. (same directory) are the same values

in /etc/php.ini (this is the path, what the system uses)

upload_max_filesize = 20M
post_max_size = 8M

nevertheless i can upload files greater than 513M ?
for instance one with 516 MB without a problem.
and an office-paket with 1.3GB…also wihout an problem

so, where i should alter the config ? user.ini and htaccess ?
and why does it allow files greater than 513M ?

i am still confused…

greets g.


i don’t think that you can limit the upload file size in this way from within ownCloud. From what i have read in the past ownCloud uploads files in “chunks” of 10 MB (at least with the Desktop Client) so these won’t exceed the 513 MB configuration.

let me get this straight.
over the client there is a limit. hence without a client there is none ?
that would explain my uploads with the big files (over 1GB) without a problem.
i upload without a client only over the webinterface in the browser.

are you sure, there is not such a configuration to limit uploads over the client ?
is in the adminmask (gui) in owncloud not such a thing for this limitation ? i havent
seen such a thing there…


i only know the documentation which they are providing here:


It seems this only talks on how to configure ownCloud to allow bigger files uploads, not to configure an upload limit within ownCloud. :frowning_face:

i am not sure
post_max_size…is according to the documentation for the whole amount in MB.
the other line is for the filesizelimit in the upload.

i read the documentation too…but its still confusing for me…

anyway…thanks for your input

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@3lt you’re very right the documentation is weird, I wrote that post to try to explain a bit further what’s relevant and gets answers. I hope it helps you.
Recently, I’ve noticed that the upload_tmp_dir was useful only when doing public upload !
Feel free to give feedback so I’d update the post.

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thanks fpr the feedback.
its still weird :slight_smile: