URGENT! OwnCloud Encryption and Ownership Transfer

I would like to know if we can transfer the ownership from one person to another when he leave the company?
1. how do you what are the folder the person owns/created?
2. what happens to those folders if the person leave the organization?
3. Can the Admin transfer the ownership to other person? if Yes, how?
4. what is the best office suite that can be used within Owncloud. We are using Collabra 1.1.22 ver and it is not to our expectation.
5. how can we encrypt the files?

1.-3. There is a occ: transfer command which transfers all files and folders from one user to another.
(search for transfer)

  1. Collabora Online is working nicely, happy to receive your feedback about what might not meet your expectations, please let me know. 2.1.2 got released.

  2. For encryption at Rest there is a masterkey based encryption solution available as part of ownCloud.
    For some use cases Cryptomator is a great choice and we are looking into Enterprise ready E2EE as well, please contact sales at owncloud dot com for more information!

Thanks Hody, that was really helpful.

Do you know how can we check the number of files and folders created by a person? is there any reporting that we create?