User can change quota himself - bug or bad configuration?


I have OC 10.4.0 (stable).


Like OC server admin I:
1.) create new group “TestGroup”.
2.) create new users “test1” and create “test2” and “test3” and all put into TestGroup
3.) I setup for test1 user quota 1 GB and 10 MB for other users
4.) test1 user I select like TestGroup admin

Now, when I login like test1 or I use “Impersonate” option and show users … I could see all three user with theirs quotas and I (like groupAdmin user) change SELF QUOTA to somethink, eg.10 TB —> but this quota setup OC application admin and from my point of view IT IS NOT USER option.

Made I somethink wrong? Or it is the bug?

Thank you for answer.