User_external: disabling logins with '@' does not work any more

Expected behaviour:
login form should prevent user from logging-in when input contains '@'
(it used to work correctly before)

Actual behaviour:
user is logged-in and actually a new user is created (different from the user without @Domain).

All the info is here on GitHub:

Thanks for help


did you have a look at the docs?

I remember there was someone with a similar problem, and he could fix it by adding the "domain" path in the configuration. That prevented ownCloud to create 2 different users for the same account.

Yes, I've had this set-up for a while (the domain parameter added in external plugin), and it does not work. I am able to log-in with the domain (user@domain.test) and new user is created - I can see the new user in "Users" page.

The truth is I am running oc, not 10.x - might be problem?

I would try 10.x on a test system and see if the problem is fixed.