User login page locks up

hi All,

first… why do I have to be a scientist to negotiate posting to this forum?

Any way… I have a specific user who’s web page locks up when he tries to login.
It’s only him and one other person who this happens to, but I can recreate this on my PC (with his user account). Server and clients have been rebooted of course.

What can I check…? sorry complete Owncloud noob so use simple words :-).

why? We have a template, if that’s what you referring to. If you have suggestions on how to improve our template, feel free to share them.

That’s what in the template, that you deleted; writing down steps to reproduce the issue.

copy paste the template here again, or make a new thread while deleting this topic.

Information that you provide to us are important and the more we know the better we can help.