Using own cloud to access file (not sync)


Please, let me explain what is my architecture et what I want to do.
I'm in charge of a small NGO and we have : 1 windows server 2012 with several clients under Windows 7. We also have a NAS (Thecus) with several shared folders. I use active directory to deal with multiple accounts and each account can access part of shared folders via automated mounted disks on the client.

Now, I'd like to access files remotely : via web interface or also sync to other computers. I'd like to use the same rights as active directory but ready to manually copy these rights.

I know own cloud is more a sync server than a simple web interface, but do you know how I should deal with that ? I already managed to install own cloud on windows server and accesss it but, for now I didn't make links with the NAS.
I was wondering if I should use a master profile accessing all my shared folders from NAS but never connected and sharing partially these folders to others profiles. just to be sure not to interfere, neither Windows server nor the clients connected would install a own cloud client.

What do you think ?

Thank you in advance

You can setup an owncloud instance and authenticate against your AD. Each user can use the external storage feature to mount his storage on you NAS (with his given permissions). In previous versions, you could manually create mount.json-files with the mount points (create one user with all the external shares and check the mount.json-file) but in recent versions, this moved to the data base. To directly mount external storage into the home directory, you need the enterprise version: