Using ownCloud on terminal only OS

I’m using ownCloud Server on FreeNAS and I want to use ownCloud Client in some other enviroments, like Debian or CentOS. My question is: Is owncloudcmd the only command that works in an OS that does not have a visual interface? Whenever I run owncloud (not owncloudcmd), it says QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display.

Yes. Thats what the command line client was made for.

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Hmm, I see.
So there is no way to make it syncing in real time, right?
I have to rerun owncloudcmd everytime I want it to sync. Is that correct?

Correct. Or you just install the visual interface to have the client running and lock the screen …
You can start owncloudcmd periodically via cron of course … or other scripted means. You could even trigger it on any file operation with some advanced linux scripting … therefor the demand was not there to have the client itself headless till now.


Thank you, Sir. :grinning: