/var/ocadta high amount of space

Hello all:
I’m trying to free some space on the server and i found out that /var/ocdata has 5.0gb of occupied space. Even all our shares goes to a external file server (windows via SMB), we limited the file upload to 1mb on the local storage, however this directory contains all the users created in OC . thumbnails folders are the ones with more space.

I’m wondering if there is possible to purge thoses directories or redirect them.

thanks in advance

You might want to try to disable the previews: in the ownCloud’s “config.php” file 'enable_previews' => false. It should be safe to remove all the thumbnails folders then, but just in case, make a backup first.


Thanks for the response. May i delete only the thumbnails folders or all the folders inside /ocdata?


Only the thumbnails for now. The rest of the folder might contain different a type of information that might be required by other apps.

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