Video getting Downloaded instead of playing in owncloud 10.6.0

I have installed owncloud 10.6.0 and have installed files_mediaviewer app for viewing photos and videos, but the problem is that the video is getting downloaded when we click instead of playing in firefox browser. It is working properly in all other browsers. Is there anything I can do from the owncloud end to solve this problem?

Sounds like a browser issue. I would investigate whether Firefox has internal support for the codec of the video file.

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But the thing is that same file is playing in firefox in windows,the problem is with the firefox in ubuntu.

Yep very likely that there is some software missing.

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Like @eneubauer said: software issue, probably due to missing codecs in Firefox Ubuntu. Choosing the right encoding for web video is a real pain… I am currently using ffmpeg for encoding using vcodec h264 and acodec aac - this gives me best compatibility at the moment

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