Video player 0.10.1 causing code integrity errors, can't remove it

Installed version of ownCloud:

I installed Video player 0.10.1 from the marketplace to test it, but found it was causing code intergity errors. I can’t actually see it in the marketplace anymore, so I assume its been removed - but I am not abl to remove it myself. When I click the uninstall button it just hangs

This is the exception report. I have no idea what to try next to get this removed. Anyone able to offer any ideas at all?

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • files_videoplayer
      • OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\MissingSignatureException
      • Signature data not found.

Raw output

[files_videoplayer] => Array
[EXCEPTION] => Array
[class] => OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\MissingSignatureException
[message] => Signature data not found.




could you do this command and check if the app files_videoplayer is still around ?

occ app:list

If yes, you could run this command to delete it:

occ market:uninstall files_videoplayer

Thanks, that didn’t exactly work, but it put me on the right track.

Seems I’d downloaded it from a git repository (and forgotten I’d done that - no wonder I couldn’t find it again in the marketplace) so it would not allow me to just remove it. I had to delete the repository clone which sorted the problem. The direction was much appreciated. Thank you.

You’re welcome, I’m glad to read that :wink:

EDIT: could you solve your post by clicking your own answer as solving ?

As requested, done …

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