View Remote Files/Folders with Syncing (on linux)?

Is there a way to view remote folders and files without syncing them to the locale device (on linux)? Ubuntu 18.04 KDE 5.12

Adding the google drive account in KDE doesn't sync (i.e. download TO the device) but you can see what the remote folders/files are.

Is there a way to do this for ownCloud?

I guess it is what you looking for, Virtual Filesystem is a planning feature but not implemented yet. Don't hesitate to join discussions on GitHub.

Isn't this already possible via a WebDAV client?

That's exactly it! Even the problem case which I want to solve is there! I guess I'll wait. Thanks!

I don't know how to do this.

As far as I know, it is not possible. I also remember a discussion section for VFS in ownCloud 2017 conference. Still it is a research topic.

A search like has lead me to the following available documentation:

which seems to contain some info how to list or access files without syncing them to the client.

If you don’t want to do a WebDAV mount, there is now also a VFS mode in the ownCloud client where you can keep a file ‘offline’ until you explicitely download it with double click.

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