Virtual File System - How to exclude certain folders (as it is possible in classic mode)

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My default Folder Sync Connection (FSC) targets to E:\Local\OwnCloud on my Windows 10 PC.
Virtual File System (VFS) is activated. Everything works as it should.

I now wanted to add an additional (classic not VFS) Folder Sync Connection to sync my standard Windows 10 Documents folder which is part of my profile to a remote folder \Profile\Documents of the same OwnCloud Account.

First of all the Desktop client tells me:

Warning: You are already syncing /, which is a parent folder of /Profiles

Okay. The desktop client is clever and informs me about the conflict. So my next step was to exclude the /Profiles folder from syncing in the default FSC as I would do it in classic mode.

I was very surprised when I learned that it is not possible to exclude certain folders in my default Folder Sync Connection (which has Virtual File System enabled).

I ignored the warning and did create the new Folder Sync Connection for the Documents folder.
The synchronization works but all the synced files from Documents reappear in the default Folder Sync Connection under E:\Local\OwnCloud\Profiles\Documents as Virtual Place-Holder files.

I mean it doesn’t harm but it is not very nice.

Did I make something wrong ? How can I exclude a specific folder from syncing in VFS-Mode ?
I mean this should definitely be possible as it is in classic mode. There is no obvious and technical reason to me why this should not be possible.


Not implemented yet, but could be improvements for the future…

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Thank you for the quick answer.

Sounds to me like an important feature. As lot’s of users maybe don’t want to clutter their local disk with thousands of Place-Holder files :slight_smile:


Importance and urgency are always relative. Just FYI, these 4 issues will be probably implemented before an exclusion feature:

I hope I’ll find a way to make the roadmap more transparent…

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Hey! I Guess this has been implemented yet, has it? (if it is ignore the following, then i probably just don’t get how the syntax for this is supposed to look like)

I got quite a large amount of data stored in owncloud (~4TB) and there are some folders i’d like to exclude from syncing as they cause a lot of cpu-work for the computers when checking them again and again by being useless temporary files and often in use.
Problem is: i’ve got to exclude by using the parant folder and subfolder of those files (for ex. “\ProgramXY*temp*”) as the temporary files of course get random names, but there’s folders with the same name in other parent folders (“ProgramYZ*temp*”) which still need to snyc, so i can’t just exclude temp. Folder name temp is not changable as it is defined by the corresponding programs

Not being able to not sync by entering longer paths with “/” or “” in the exclude list means i can’t exclude the useless ones without also excluding the needed ones :exploding_head: