Virtual Machine issue

I have OC running at my office inside a virtual machine on a Windows server 2012 host. I do not have any issue with this install.

The operating system inside the VM is Ubuntu 16.04
The OC version is 9.1.7

I would like to roll this out to other locations. Since it is a VM, I copied the VHD file to another location and booted the VM. The Ubuntu OS loads find, but the OC will not run. Does anyone know which files need to be edited to allow www/OCe to run?

I have edited the /owncloud/config/config.php file to match the new location, here is the change

'trusted_domains' =>
array (

There must be another file I do not know about.

Further testing shows that Apache 2 Ubuntu Default page is coming up in Firefox on both the local machine and other machines on the LAN. So the web server is running.