WebDav Connection Error!




I recently installed owncloud with mysql and SSL installed on rackspace shared hosting, so far all good with installation part.
While exploring the features, I tested WebDav connection on Windows 10 machine by mapping network drive. While connecting it prompts for username/password but doesn't get through further and gives an error stating "Access Denied".
As part of trial and error, I installed NetDrive software and tested the WebDav connection and it worked successfully. So seems like an issue on Windows 10 end. I checked on google and came across several posts, few suggesting registry changes.. Part of this I also made sure that the WebDav related Services are started on my windows 10 machine and they are...still no luck.
I havent tried the registry changes because it wont be possible to make such changes on all of our remote employee machines.

Could someone please advise with this :slight_smile:

Also, would hosting owncloud on shared rackspace server be a problem ?



Access denied - ownCloud desktop client for MacOS

Hi Guys,

Disregard this one, I got it working :slight_smile:



I believe it would be proper for you to provide your solution as it may be helpful to someone in the future. Thanks.